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nandan nilekani' s book imagining india encompasses the central ideas that shaped modern india, which have contributed to the country' s progress, as well as those ideas that stifled its growth. he writes this book on the basic premise that, it is not economic growth alone that decides the country' s future, also reform and innovation.
reimagining india brings together leading thinkers from around the world to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by one of the most important and least understood nations on earth. reimagining india read and watch leading thinkers discuss the country' s challenges and opportunities. " we learned that not everything needs to be invented in seattle.
" — starbucks chairman howard schultz on the company' s indian joint venture. description : this book traces the history of india' s progress since its independence in 1947 and advances strategies for continuing economic growth. insiders and outsiders that have criticized india for slow economic growth fail to recognize all it has achieved in the last seven decades, including handling the migration of over 8 million people from pakistan, integrating over 600 princely states into the.
book summary: imagining india by nandan nilekani ashish on janu the book presents a generalists view of post- independent india. unlike india unbound, this book focuses primarily on post- independent india and takes a more pragmatic approach towards understanding the problems of contemporary india.
reimagining india: unlocking the potential of asia’ s next superpower, edited by mckinsey & company, ( simon & schuster, rrp$ 29. 95) india’ s parliamentary elections next year, like. in this book, nicolas rosenthal reorients our understanding of the experience of american indians by tracing their migration to cities, exploring the formation of urban indian communities, and delving into the shifting relationships between reservations and urban areas.
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