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Setting resolution topside- new york city, lindsay lives the downsiders book characters downside- old abandoned subways/ sewers, talon was born and lives coney island- talon gets saved gutta- friend of talon, the downsiders book characters lives in the downside, teammate of talon the downsiders book characters and railborn railborn- friend of talon, lives in the downside,. Downsiders is a book about the downsiders book characters a group of people who live under new york city, known as the downsiders. They take people in who don' t fit in with the topside, which leads to a whole series of events for the downside. It is an easy book to read and follow but it does get a bit repetitive. Book design by heather wood the text for this book is set in minion. This simon & schuster books for young readers paperback edition novemberthe library of congress has cataloged the hardcover edition as follows: shusterman, neal. Downsiders/ shusterman, neal. Downsiders – book description talon lives downside, that is, underneath new york city. There is the downsiders book characters a strict code of secrecy among the downsiders. However, when talon accidentally meets a young woman named lindsay, the downsiders book characters who is a topsider ( from above the ground), the two worlds inevitably collide.

I enjoyed reading " downsiders", by neal shusterman, as i did the last book i read from this author, " unwind". Problem is this story, although good, isn' t as sophisticated and didn' t connect with me as solidly. Other reviewers explain the story as being about people living the downsiders book characters underground, directly below where the rest of us reside. Lindsay is dangerous because she’ s on a hunt for knowledge— the forbidden kind; the kind that will reveal the shattering origins of the downsiders and their not- the downsiders book characters so- ancient civilization. One of the things i liked most about downsiders was the way author neal shusterman explored the concept of truth. Is truth convenient?

Downsiders cut down the water and electricity supply to the topside. Chapter 17 talon went to the chamber of soft walls.

Chapter 18 talon saw the gravestone of the founder of the downside, alfred beach. He felt angry because he felt he live in a lie in his whole life. Chapter the downsiders book characters 19 talon lived in water- tower in topside. Main character list: talon- a downsider boy who is curious about the topside. He is the leader of gutta and railborn’ the downsiders book characters s rotation group. One day he travels to the topside, and falls in love with a topsider girl lindsay, resulting being punished.

Downsiders ( downsiders, the downsiders book characters # 1) and downside up ( downsiders, # 2). Downsiders series. 2 primary works • 2 total works. By neal shusterman. Downsiders is a very confusing book.

You could predict or infer anything you the downsiders book characters want about this book, but i' m sure you will always be wrong. This book consists of a few characters. Talon, lindsay, champ, railborn, and gutta. These are the characters that make up this mediocre story. When you read the downsiders by neal shusterman, you are immediately drawn in by mental visions of the world below the downsiders book characters new york city and the strong attention to detail. The biggest thing for me was that i felt like it was another planet, while it was the downsiders book characters actually just a sewer world laying below the busselling streets of new york the downsiders book characters city.

Ponyboy the downsiders book characters curtis - the novel’ s fourteen- year- old narrator and protagonist, and the youngest of the greasers. Ponyboy’ s literary interests and academic accomplishments set him apart from the rest of his gang. Because his parents have died in a car accident, ponyboy lives with his brothers darry and. The world was celebrated the last day of the downsiders book characters the year, so as the downsiders. Railborn and gutta wanted talon the downsiders book characters spent time with them, but he had the problem with pidge. Topsiders had party the downsiders book characters in a place named times square, todd was the host of the party, lindsay was there, too.

Lindsay backed to her room, and found the dusty footprints on the hardwood floor. The champ: a mysterious old man who is very clever. And he knows everything about the downside. He is the intermediary between the downside and the downsiders book characters the topside. Besides, he helps talon a lot. Downsiders is a 1999 novel by the downsiders book characters neal shusterman. The downsiders, located underneath new york city, the downsiders book characters the downsiders book characters the downsiders book characters is a secret community the downsiders book characters of an unknown population ( either native- born or " fallers" from the topside) that are never the downsiders book characters allowed to travel to the topside ( the surface).

Neal shusterman is the new york times bestselling author of more than thirty award- winning books for children, teens, and adults, including the unwind dystology, the skinjacker trilogy, downsiders, and challenger deep, which won the national book award.

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